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useless_shit's Journal

Useless Shit
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All Members , Moderated
Community Information:

Welcome To Everyone! I am bubblegungurl the moderator of this comunity. Please take a few minutes to read the information on our community useless_shit

Come here to post surveys, pictures, quizes, funny stuff, stupid IM conversations and generally useless shit that other communitys will not allow. I love all of the stupid useless shit people put in their journal's. So lets all get to gether and make one huge journal of "USELESS SHIT"

There are some things about this community that are not like most others.

  • You will not be censored. EVER!

  • You are welcome to post anything that you feel like posting. Wethere it be pictures, surveys, links, quizzes, art, poetry, funny stuff, whatever...

  • Nothing is considerd off topic.

  • The only thing that I ask is... When making a particularly long post or posting pictures that you use an "LJ CUT". If you do not know what that is then you may go here.( The LJ_CUT FAQ)

  • No flaming... No Trolling... That will not be tollerated!

  • Most of all have fun. This is a free forum for your thoughts.

A Note: When replying to surveys please do so in the comments. Because I am sure that at one point in time there will be more than on survey running at the same time. This is to ensure that the owner of the survey gets all of the results. And the journal is not flooded with confuseing entrys.